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                                            Program Concept and Objective:-

Brighter Future, Inc. will offer a Work-Based Learning Program, using a
curriculum work simulator, Bright’s Package Delivery Service as the program
“company” where students will “work” each class day.  Traditional classroom
activities will be given corporate identity.  For example, computer learning is
Bright’s Production Department.  Job-readiness, conflict resolution and job
retention instruction is Bright’s Employee Development Department.  
Interpersonal skill development becomes Bright’s Marketing and Customer
Service Department.  The Open House is Bright’s Annual Stockholders’ Meeting
(as the parents, relatives and friends of the youth have “invested” in their
development and future).  The graduation ceremony is Bright’s Package Delivery
Service Annual Employee Awards Day.

These modules become one program activity:  Starting-up Bright’s Package
Delivery Service and bringing the company into production.

The eight-week curriculum (including 8 hours of orientation which includes the
program pre-test) will allow youth to develop Bright’s Business and Marketing
Plan, work with Brighter Future’s community partner, Bank of America to acquire
start-up financing; work with Brighter Future’s community partner United Parcel
Service or FedEx to learn how start a Package Delivery Business ( Work-based
learning Activity).

Program staff will assume appropriate corporate titles consistent with Bright’s
Package Delivery Service mission.  The Brighter Future, Inc. Executive Director,
Bright Ihezue, will be Bright ‘s Package Delivery Service’s Chief Executive
Officer; the Program Coordinator, the Chief Operating Officer and the
Classroom Instructor, Bright’s Package Delivery Service’s Director of
Development and Production.
 Work-Based Learning Program
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Brighter Future, Inc. After School Tennis Lessons is also great way to
for any child to  learn the sport of Tennis  at a young age and enjoy
with friends and family for a lifetime. Our main goal is to give the kids
and opportunity to be active, enjoy the game with their age mates
and friends. Our goal is to help them develop skills and, most
importantly, have fun.
We will teach kids from 6 years old to high School the 12 essential
for beginners. This age appropriate lessons will include the following:
•   Warm Up – Running the Lines
•   The Frying Pan
•   Simple Forehands and Backhands
•   Ball Toss Forehands and Backhands
•   Side to Side Forehands and Backhands
•   Hit and Catch
•   Forward and Backward, Forehands and Backhands
•   Service Toss Accuracy
•   Simple Service Motions
•   Toss and Block Volleys
•    Split Step Volleys
We just need an open space at your School to get started.


Brighter Future, Inc. After School
Golf Lessons is a great way to get
Elementary School Kids started
in the game of golf. The kids will
have fun learning the game with
other children their age and skill
level which helps them enjoy and
learn the fundamentals.
We teach them the following.
1.        Golf Etiquette
2.        Swings,
3.        Putting
4.        Rules
5.        Scoring